Structural Peer Review

Sometimes there’s just no substitute for a second pair of informed and objective eyes.  DDSE brings reassurance to our clients with independent structural peer reviews of structures designed by other firms.   Generally the more complex the structure, the more valuable the peer review process.

Peer reviews can boost confidence in existing designs and detect serious errors early in the design and construction process. DDSE relies on extensive experience with the design of new structures, rehabilitation of existing structures, and previous failure investigations to provide objective peer reviews of the project design, detailing, and drawings.

Our objective, unbiased peer reviews encompass a variety of structures, especially those with long-span roofs, complex seismic systems, or other special demands on the structure.   We tailor our services to the needs and schedule of each project, generally starting with standard industry scope that includes a progressive multi-stage review of design criteria and selected structural systems, followed by independent review of representative elements and specifications.  Specialized peer reviews are often performed to evaluate constructability and cost efficiency.  Our goal is to bring value and assurance to the completed design, not to criticize.  Getting involved early in the process is invariably more productive and cost-effective than waiting until the design is complete.